Colloquium at Math Department at WVU

Fall 1997

Contact person: Krzysztof Chris Ciesielski.

Colloquium usually meets on Thursdays at 3:45pm in 324 Armstrong Hall.

Tea and cookies begin at 3:00 in Armstrong Hall 361 (coffee room).
  1. Aug 21, Alejandro Illanes, Universidad National Autonoma de Mexico, A little bit of surfaces. (continuum theory)

  2. Aug 28, James Mosley, WVU, The worlds we live in. (philosophy of mathematics)

  3. Sept 4, Marek Balcerzak, Lodz Technical Univ, Poland, The behaviour of Borel and analytic sets under some operations.

  4. Sept 9 (Tuesday), Chris A. Rodger, Auburn University, Discrete Mathematics Today.
    Place, time, and social gathering as usual.

  5. Sept 11, Antony Hilton, Reading University and Eberly Professor at WVU, Fractional Hall and Fractional Choice numbers of a graph.

  6. Sept 18, Chuanping Chen, Academia Sinica and University of Texas at Austin, Some new results on construction problems of graphs.

    Sept 25, No Colloquium (tea time as usual)

  7. Oct 2, Andrzej Karwowski, WVU, Models of Elastic Arches (Dynamics of an English Long Bow).

  8. Oct 9, Denning Li, WVU, Shock waves and supersonic flight.

  9. Oct 16, Hong-Jian Lai, WVU, A Problem from Discrete Optimization.

  10. Oct 23, Tomasz Natkaniec, Gdansk University, Poland, Universal Darboux-like summands for families of functions. (real analysis)

    Oct 30, Jerry Shive, WVU, Chair of Curr. and Instruction, The new program for training secondary math teachers at WVU. (They now must major in math.)

  11. Nov 6, Frank Beatrous, University of Pittsburgh, IMPLEMENTING CALCULUS REFORM IN A LARGE INSTITUTIONAL SETTING. (As a part of Allegheny Mountain Section of the MAA Meeting. )

  12. Nov 13, Jie Wang, Univ North Carolina at Greensboro, An Optimization Problem in Virtual Endoscopy.

  13. Nov 20, Sheng Bau, Indiana Univ-Purdue Univ at Fort Wayne, Cyclability of Cubic Graphs and the Concept of Primitive Graphs.

    Nov 27, No Colloquium, Thanksgiving.
    Dec 4, No Colloquium, Dead Week.

  14. Dec 11, Dorota Rogowska, Lodz Technical Univ, Poland, Some properties of \Sigma^0_2-supported \sigma-ideals in Polish spaces..(real analysis) Final Week