Colloquium at Math Department at WVU

Fall 1998

Contact person: Krzysztof Chris Ciesielski.

Colloquium usually meets on Thursdays at 3:45pm in 315 Armstrong Hall.

Tea and cookies begin at 3:00 in Armstrong Hall 310 (coffee room).

    Aug 27, No Colloquium, First week of classes.
    Sep 4, No Colloquium.

  1. Sept 10, Chris A. Rodger, Auburn University, What can you do with cycle decompositions of graphs??
    UNUSUAL TIME AND PLACE: 3:00pm in 121 Armstrong Hall. Tea and cookies begin at 2:30 in Armstrong Hall 310 (coffee room).

  2. Sept 17, Antony Hilton, Reading University and Eberly Professor at WVU, Symmetric Hamiltonian Double Latin Squares.

  3. Sept 24, Jerzy Wojciechowski, WVU, Darboux-like Functions.

  4. Oct 1, Cunquan Zhang, WVU, Edge-coloring, cycle cover and Fulkerson Conjecture.

  5. Oct 8, Dr. Xingxing Yu, Georgia Tech, The Hamilton cycle problem for embedded graphs. (graph theory)

    Oct 15, No Colloquium, Faculty meeting.

  6. Oct 22, Dr. Ronald J. Gould, Emory University, On the Structure of 2-Factors. (graph theory)

  7. Oct 29, Zbigniew Piotrowski, Youngstown State University, Ohio, On open problems in Descriptive Set Theory, General Topology and Topological Algebra which arise in separate versus joint continuity.

  8. Nov 5, Hong-Jian Lai, WVU, Coloring a graph with elements in an abelian group.

  9. Monday, Nov 9, 3:30, James E White, Computers are heuristic machines.

  10. Nov 12, Ralph Kopperman, City College, CUNY, New York, Asymmetry and Duality in Topology.

    Tue, Nov 17, 4:00pm, 315 Armstrong Hall, Meeting with Dean Nellis.

    Nov 19, No Colloquium.

  11. Dec 3, Bozena Swiatek, Lodz Technical University, Poland, On topological properties of the space DB1. (real analysis)

  12. Dec 10, open slot (dead week).
  13. Dec 17, open slot (final week).