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Janet Anderson Prospectus


A Study of Arc-Strong Connectivity of Digraphs

We study the extremal and structural properties of graphs and digraphs closely related to subgraph and subdigraphs connectivity. We obtained a best possible bound for the size of strict digraphs that do not have a

Gary Seldomridge Retires


He received his Ph.D in 1992 from WVU and spent 40+ years working tirelessly to educate students.

Deshler Named Big 12 Fellow


Jessica Deshler, associate professor of mathematics, has been awarded a research grant from the Office of the Provost as part of the 2016-2017 Big 12 Faculty Fellowship Program.

The program offers faculty members at institutions in the Big 12 Conference the


Professor Zhi-Hong Chen


Cycles of claw-free graphs and Catlin's reduction method

In the study of cycles of claw-free graphs,
Ryj\'{a}\u{c}ek developed a very nice closure concept: For a connected claw-free graph $H$, there is a $K_3$-free graph $G$ such that its closure $cl(H)=L(G)$

Dr. Liang Hong


Credibility Theory without Tears

After a brief introduction of the actuarial science program at Robert Morris University, I will introduce the basic framework of Bayesian statistics and classical theory of credibility theory, a topic heavily tested on SOA's Exam C.

Professor Hao Li


On the g-extra connectivity of $3$-ary $n$-cube networks

Let $G$ be a connected graph and let $F$ be a set of vertices.
The $g$-extra connectivity of $G$ is the cardinality of a minimum set
$F$ such that $G-F$ is disconnected and each component of $G-F$ has


October 2016

Oct 14 2016 -
3:45pm to 4:45pm
Zhi-Hong Chen (Colloquia)