WvEB Math 128 Spring 2018








Welcome to the distance education version of trigonometry: WvEB Trig. This course covers the same material, at approximately the same pace, as the WVU course taught on campus. The course material is available via streaming media for the most part, so you will need a web connection for course material, eCampus testing, and keeping in touch with the instructor and your local site facilitator via email and/or eCampus discussion groups. eCampus will be available to students as of the first day of WVU's spring semester, January 8, 2018. This material will be updated on a rolling basis for the spring semester of 2018. Feel free to browse among the links above if you would like to get an early start.

Three important dates for the spring semester: if you decide you do not want to continue in the class for any reason, the last day to withdraw selectively from (drop) a class is Friday, March 23, and the last day to withdraw from all classes is Thursday, April 26. (For most high school students in the ACCESS program, who are taking only one class, dropping a class and withdrawing from all classes are equivalent actions.) All coursework must be completed by Wednesday, May 2, at 5:00 pm. Your facilitator will keep you on track to finish on time. The pace of this class is college-quick, but with your experience in WvEB 126 you are ready to go.

A good way to start the course on January 8 would be to go to the discussion group for your school and post a message there. Maybe say a little bit about your math background and your college/career plans. The discussion group for your school is where your facilitator can make course announcements and assignments. You can post questions for me there, but remember that anyone in your school discussion group can see what you post. Email the instructor if there is a course related question that is private.


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