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College Algebra labs

Basic Graphs   ,,,
Graphing Techniques   ,,,,,,
The Box Problem    
Quadratic Functions MathDL, ,
Lines and Linear Functions
Polynomials   ,,,,
Rational Functions   ,,,
Exponential Functions   ,,,

Trig labs

Functions and Graphing , HTML ,
Transformations , HTML  
Solving right triangles , HTML ,,
Gutter problem , HTML
Sine wave geometry , HTML
Graphing and identities , HTML  
The ladder problem , HTML
Solving general triangles , HTML ,,,,,
Graphing polar functions , HTML ,
Lissajous curves , HTML ,,
The speed trap , HTML  

WvEB Calculus Labs



Grapher, parameter passing   ,
Slope Field applet  
Parameters, new version   ,
Gutter MathDL
Quadratic Complex Roots
Distance Problem analysis  
Pie Graph  
Diophantine Problem analysis
Distance drawing pad   ,
Spring   ,
Slope finder  
Moskovitz Powerpoint
Conics   ,
Trig functions    
Trig graphs    
Right triangle    
General triangle    
College Transition Mathematics    
Derivative Grapher    

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