Portrait  Marjorie Darrah, Ph.D.


Dr. Marjorie Darrah is a Professor of Mathematics at West Virginia University. She has 17 years experience in higher education, first at Alderson Broaddus College for 10 years where she was an associate professor and chair of the Natural Science Division, then at WVU for the last six years. In between these two academic positions, Dr. Darrah was the Director of Computer Sciences Group at the West Virginia High Technology Consortium Foundation where her funded research included the development of verification and validation techniques for artificial intelligence for NASA, the development of adaptive algorithms for the cooperative control of unmanned aerial vehicles for AFRL, and the development of immersive virtual environments for educational settings for NSF.


Current research areas are biologically inspired algorithms, haptic-based educational applications and the evaluation of educational technologies. Dr. Darrah has been the PI on three NSF grants (ITEST, ATE, RDE) and one U. S. Department of Education IES SBIR grant. She also has experience with educational evaluation, having evaluated 14 projects and programs for local, state, and national level agencies. Her recent research projects include developing haptics-based computer applications to help students who are visually impaired learn math and science, creating genetic algorithms to task teams of unmanned aerial vehicles to do a cooperative mission, and working as the internal evaluator on the WVU ADVANCE grant that promotes the recruitment, retention, and promotion of women in STEM and SBS fields.


Dr. Darrah is a member of the Institute for Math Learning at WVU and coordinates Math 153/154 Calculus with Pre-Calculus and teaches Math 375 Applied Modern Algebra. She works with many students on graduate and undergraduate level research in her areas of expertise.