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Welcome to our new interactive Set Theoretic Analysis website, a part of Topology Atlas. It is a pleasure to be moderating (and experimenting with) the new world of instantaneous communications. I look for this site to become an important part of the professional life and work of all mathematicians who are interested in problems concerning real functions and who use set theory and/or topology as a tool of their research. I hope that you will visit this site often and contribute regularly. This is your site. Its success and usefulness depend upon you. Use it and contribute to it, and, ultimately, the rewards will be yours!

The purposes of this site reflect the general purposes of Topology Atlas. In particular, I hope that this will become a living, interactive encyclopedic reference for Set Theoretic Analysis, with most current research available immediately through the web- and ftp-capabilities of the Topology Atlas. An important component of this is that it become a global village to communicate, to share information, ideas, and papers, as well as to raise, discuss, and answer mathematical questions. Primarily, it is intended that this site become an invaluable research tool. I hope it leads to much joint research!

The editor is always open to your ideas and suggestions. Feel free to email ( them to him!

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