Colloquium at Math Department at WVU

Fall 1996

Contact person: Krzysztof Chris Ciesielski.

Colloquium usually meets on Thursdays at 3:45pm in 324 Armstrong Hall.

Tea and cookies begin at 3:00 in Armstrong Hall 361 (coffee room).
  1. Sept 12, Anthony Hilton, Reading University and Eberly Professor at WVU, Hamiltonian Latin Squares.

  2. Sept 19, Anthony Hilton, Reading University and Eberly Professor at WVU, Non-conformable subgraphs of Non-conformable graphs.

    Sept 26, No Colloquium, Faculty meeting.

  3. Oct 3, Mike Mays and other WVU faculty, Paul Erdos: A Mathematical Remembrance.

  4. Oct 10, Harry Gingold, WVU, (at 405 Armstrong Hall), Summability - a neglected tool of analysis.

  5. Oct 17, Harumi Hattori, WVU, On some aspects of the conservation laws.

  6. Oct 24, Robin Thomas, Georgia Institute of Technology, Even circuits in directed graphs.

    Oct 31, No Colloquium, Meeting with WVU President David Hardesty.

  7. Nov 7, Mathematical Science Research Institute film: Fermat's Last Theorem. (1 hour 38 minutes) Meeting time (including cookies) 3:10pm. Meeting place: 341 Armstrong Hall.

  8. Nov 14, Jerzy Wojciechowski, WVU, Long Snakes in Powers of Complete Graphs.

    Nov 21, Frank Beatrous, University of Pittsburgh, IMPLEMENTING CALCULUS REFORM IN A LARGE INSTITUTIONAL SETTING. (As a part of Allegheny Mountain Section of the MAA Meeting. )


    Nov 28, No Colloquium, Thanksgiving.

    Dec 5, No Colloquium, Dead week.