Colloquium at Math Department at WVU, Fall 2019

Date: Wednesday, December 4, 4-4:50pm. Preceded with refreshments, 3:30-4:00pm, in the math faculty lounge.
Location: 315 Armstrong Hall
Speaker: Professor K. Chris Ciesielski, Department of Mathematics, West Virginia University
Title: Differentiability versus continuity: What good Calc 1 student may ask about

The talk will be presented in a narrative that answers two classical questions: These questions, as well as their variants to be discussed, could be asked by any student that takes a calculus course. The statements of all presented results should be understandable to all math majors. Moreover, their proofs (only some of which I will present) will not go beyond a material that our master students should know.
This talk is based on the first part of my 2019 BAMS survey and will contain material from my 2018 Monthly article.