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Course Description:

This course will introduce to the students the concepts, theories and techniques involving general topology (also referred as point set topology).


Topology of surfaces, by L. C. Kinsey, Springer, New York (1997).


Room 315, Armstrong Hall/ MWF 2:30-3:20PM.

Preparation of the Course:

Students are expected to have successfully taken at least one Calculus course (to have sufficient mathematical maturity). Having successfully completed a proof-oriented math course would be a plus, but not necessary.

Instructor Information:


OFFICE: Room 308K, Armstrong Hall.

OFFICE PHONE: 293-2011 Ext 2348.

OFFICE HOURS: 1:00PM-2::20PM, Mondays and Fridays (or by appointment).

Performance Evaluation:

Students will be given a list of suggested homework problems (click Homework in the box above to find the list) as a minimum homework requirement. Students' performance will be evaluated by the weekly assignments, by the two midterm exams and the comprehensive final exam (Exam schedule listed on this web page is subject to change. Any such changes will be announced in class at least one week in advance.  Click Exam Schedule to find exam schedule updates).

The contribution to the course grade (Math381):





100 points



100 points each, total 200 points


Final (Comprehensive)

200 points



500 points





Please note that a student should take the responsibility if s/he misses an exam by missing the classes in which changes of schedule are made.

Grading (Expectation and policy): 



450 points and up


400-449 points


350-399 points


300-349 points


 below or equal to 299 points



Make-up Exam Policy:

Makeup exams will only be given in the case of sickness or other kinds of emergency. Missing a bus, oversleeping, other tests the same day, etc., are not sufficient reasons for missing a test. The student will be asked to document the circumstances that caused missing the test, and the student must contact the instructor to arrange the makeup as soon a possible.

WARNING: out of fairness to the students who take the test the scheduled time, a makeup exam will be harder than the regular test, to reflect the extra time you will have had to prepare.








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