Department of Mathematics 


Committee List and Membership (2016-2017)

Executive Committee

Chair: Fuller

Member: Diamond (GPC), Miller(UPC), Lai (Associate Chair)

Faculty Evaluation Committee (FEC)

John Goldwasser (2015-2017), Rong Luo(2015-2017), Harvey Diamond (2016-2018), Adrian Tudorascu (2016-2018), Harumi Hattori (2016-2017 Chair appointment)

Graduate Program Committee (GPC)

Chair: Diamond

Member: Gingold, Sealey, Luo, Harttori, Tudorasku, Zhang

Graduate Selection Committee

Chair: Diamond

Member: Deshler, Li, Harasz, Luo, Lai

Undergrad Program Committee

Chair: Miller

Member: Ganser, Goldwasser, Milans, Pantea, Pyzdrowski

Assessment Committee

Chair: Infante

Member: Darrah,Etienne,Milans,Mays (Stat), Leatherman(Stat)

Research Committee










Contact Information

Program Coordinator

Mary Beth Angeline

ARM 320

Math121: Introductory Concepts of Mathematics

Erin Goodykoontz

ARM 308K

Math 122: Quantitative Skills and Reasoning 2

Betsy Kuhn

ARM 217

Math126A: College Algebra   

Mary Beth Angeline

ARM 320

Math126B: College Algebra    Math126C: College Algebra

Laura Pyzdrowski

ARM 411C

Math128: Plane Trigonometry

Ryan Hansen

ARM 307-D

Math129: Pre-Calculus Mathematics

Lori Ogden

ARM 210-P

Math150: Applied Calculus




Math153: Calculus 1a with Precalculus

Marjorie Darrah 

ARM 408-L

Math154: Calculus 1b with Precalculus

Marjorie Darrah 

ARM 408-L

Math155: Calculus 1 (Engineering Track)

Gary Ganser

ARM 408K

Math155: Calculus 1 (Non Engineering Track)

Jennifer Kearns

ARM 410H

 Math156: Calculus 2

Iwona Wojciechowska Hong-Jian Lai

ARM 305C ARM 320A

Math251: Multivariable Calculus

James Moseley

ARM 413B

Math261: Elementary Differential Equations

James Moseley

ARM 413B