Publications and Material other than Mathematics

H. W. Gould


  1. Reflex-regenerator, Radio Craft Magazine, Vol.16(1945), No. 10,
      July, p. 648.

  2. Superregenerator for FM reception, Radio Craft Magazine,
      Vol.19(1948), No. 6, March, p. 812.

  3. Handbook of Electronic and Physics Circuits and Apparatus
      designed and/or built by H. W. Gould from 1945 to the present.
      Being compiled, c. 80 pp.  (Receivers, Transmitters, Geiger
      counters, Tesla coils, etc.)

  4. Chronology of Information and Bibliography on Mahlon Loomis
     (1826-86)   (written 15 March 1988; Revised 26 Dec. 2003)
      Presented by PowerPoint, WVU Lane Dept. of CSEE, 5 April 2004.
      Loomis made experiments near Terra Alta, WV, c. 1866 using
      kites to send wireless signals to a receiving antenna.
  5. The basic repeater problem: Line-of-sight communication,
      written in Dec. 1994


  6. The Armies of War, America Sings, 11th  Annual Anthology of College
      Poetry, National Poetry Association, Los Angeles, 1954, p.14.

  7. Collected Poems, c. 100 pages, covers 1945 to present.

  8. A Christmas Present, Family Ties Magazine, Winter 2001, Issue No. 5, p. 8.

  9. The Metaphysician, or Contradiction as an Instrument of
      Metaphysical Enquiry, The University of Virginia Magazine, Vol.
      1(1957), No. 4, 39-45.

10. Such is a mother's love, Family Ties Magazine, Winter 2001, Issue No. 5, p. 8.
      Also see pp. 9 and 23 for relevant remarks.

11. You'll never know unless you try, Family Ties Magazine, Summer 2002, Issue
      No. 7, pp. 23-24.


 12. Sherlock Holmes and the Godfather of Organized Crime, Baker
      Street Journal, New Series, Vol. 26(1976), 34-36. (Biog. note, p. 64)

13. The Morsegrave Ritual, unpublished. What really happened at Reichenbach
      Falls, from the point of view of an amateur radio operator.


14. Thomas Jefferson and Intellectual Freedom, Talk given at the
      Unitarian-Univeralist Fellowship, Morgantown, W. Va. 12 Feb.
      1989.  9pp.

15. The Inseparability of Teaching and Research, Talk given at WVU
      Faculty Development Seminar, 25 March 1993.

16. Allen Staggers and the Norden Bomb Sight, written 15 Feb. 2002.
      The late Allen Staggers, Sr., figured out how to make a critical part of
      the famous bomb sight. In later life he lived some miles west of
      Morgantown, W. Va. His son, Allen Staggers, Jr., is employed with
      the Allegheny Power Company.


17. The Family of Charles George Gould, in Rhode Island,
      Pennsylvania and Virginia. Second Preliminary Edition, 4 Sept.
      1994. i + 18pp. + 5 illus.
      Commemorates his birth on 20 April 1794 in Middletown, R. I.
      He was a teacher, poet, hat maker, expert ice skater, and farmer.
      His immigrant ancestor settled in Rhode Island in 1635-36.

18. Family Histories of Gould, Temple, Norsworthy, Duncan, Belsches
      and others from Virginia, North Carolina, West Virginia and
      Rhode Island for up to 15 generations. Thousands of pages of
      information and records compiled beginning in 1964 to the
      present. Based on  personal visits to dozens of older relatives,
      libraries, U. S. Census records from 1790 and records in the U. S.
      National Archives, Washington, D. C.

19. A Contribution to White and Black Genealogy, Belsches-Temple Bible
      Records from pre-Civil War and Revolutionary-era Virginia.
      In preparation.


20. Chinese-English/English-Chinese Dictionary. Compiled Feb. 1989.
      i + 25pp.

21. An Artificial Language Lexicon. Compiled in 1989.
      Also to be expanded to include basic grammar and alphabets.

22. Word Studies. A collection compiled over a period of many years.

23. How to read Chinese cash coins. Explanations of imperial titles
      and characters, principally in the Ching Dynasty which began in
      1644 C.E.  Small pamphlet, put together circa 1989.


24. Forty years of driving phobia, How I learned to drive at age 57.
      written 13 June 1985.

25. Aus mein Leben, a collection of 613 anecdotes about my life,

26. Henry Gould and Spotsie Ann, Bull. Inst. Combinatorics and its
      Appls., 36(2002), Sept., p. 102. Photo and short story about
      Half Professors Charlie Brown and Spotsie Ann.

27. (with Spotsie Ann and Ben Worley) Animal Calculus, 8 Nov.
      2003; rev. 10 Oct. and 28 Dec. 2003.

28. The atomic origins of my scientific curiosity, web document
      posted on my WVU Mathematics Department web page, 10
      January 2006.


29. The existential swizzle stick and its generalization, written
      28 Nov. 2006. (Device invented by Leroy Meyers and Henry
      Gould in January 1960 at annual AMS meeting in Chicago.)

30. Alice in Boola-Boola-Land, with apologies to Lewis Carroll,
      written 20 May 1988; revised 9 June 1988, 20 July 1989 and 17 Nov.


31. Cartoons, caricatures, and other drawings in pencil, ink and paint.

32. Small book of 250 Abstract Kanji drawings, In preparation.

Updated 19 June 2009