Selected Reprints and Preprints of CQ Zhang



Transaction AMS

Graphs with the circuit cover property (AGZ)


On circular flows of graphs (LXZ)

Nowhere-Zero 4-Flows, Simultaneous edge-colorings and critical partial Latin squares (LZZ)

J. Combinatorial Theory (B)

Cycle covers (II)--Petersen chain and Hamilton weights

The 3-flow conjecture, factors modulo k, and the 1-2-3-conjecture, (TWZ)

Nowhere-zero 3-flows and generalized Tutte orientations (LTWZ)

Flows and parity subgraphs of graphs with large odd edge connectivity (SZZ)

Cycle covers (I)--minimal contra pairs and Hamilton weights

3-flows in triangularly connected graphs (FLXZZ)

Circuit Decompositions and K_5-minor free graphs (FZ)

Triangle-Free Circuit Decompositions and Petersen Minor (HLZ)

Small Circuit Double Cover (LYZ)

Factorization of Regular graphs (ZZ)




A Characterization of Almost CIS Graphs (WZZ)

Realizing Degree Sequences with Graphs having Nowhere-zero 3-Flows (LXZZ)

Nowhere-zero 4-flow and Cayley graphs (ALZ)

Critical independent sets

J. Graph Theory

On Perfect Matching Coverings and Even Subgraph Coverings (HLZ)

Strong Circuit Double Cover (MTZ)

Group Connectivity of Complementary Graphs (HLLZ)

NZ-flows in strong products of graphs (IPSZ)

Nowhere-Zero 3-Flows in Products of Graphs (SZ)

Edge-Face Chromatic Number (LZ)

Chords of Longest Circuits (LZ)


Hamilton Weights and Petersen Minor (LZ)

Folding Lemma (KZ)

Circular flow (GTZ)

Hamilton weight and unique coloring

European Journal of Combinatorics

Unique Fulkerson coloring of Petersen minor-free cubic graphs (MWZ)

An extremal problem for group-connectivity (WLYZ)

Cycle Double Covers and Semi-Kotzig Frame (YZ)

A Note on Vertex-Coloring 2-Edge-Weighting (LYZ)

Chords of longest circuits in locally planar graphs (KNZ)

k-connected graphs without K_k-minor (KLNZ)

Discrete Applied Mathematics

Uniquely Forced Perfect Matching and Unique 3-Edge-Coloring (WYZ)

Perfect matching covering, the Berge–Fulkerson conjecture, and the Fan–Raspaud conjecture (TZZ)

Discrete Mathematics

Vertex-coloring 3-edge-weighting of some graphs (WZZ)

Circuit extension and circuit double cover of graphs (MYZ)

Edge Spectrum of Saturation Number for Small Paths (GTWZ)

flow-pair covers (XZ)

Nowhere-zero 4-flow in almost Petersen-minor free graphs (WZZ)

Fulkerson coloring (HNWZZ)

Cliques, minors and apex (NZ)

Shortest Cover (SZ)

Bidirected flow (XZ)

Chords of longest circuits (LZ)

Acyclic-orientation (SZ)

4-flow and Circuit double cover

Circuit double cover and Petersen minor free graph (AZ)

Applications, algorithms, data mining.

Optimal local community detection in social networks based on density drop of subgraphs (QFTZ)

Follow the Leader--A Centrality Guided Clustering (WFZ)

Terrorist Networks, Laplacian Centrality (QFZ)

Laplacian centrality: a new centrality measure for weighted networks (QFWWZ)

Numerical Characterization of DNA sequence based on Dinucleotides (QFWZ)

The emergence of segregation in evolving social networks (HPZ)

A novel model for DNA sequences phylogenetic analysis based on graph theory (QFWZZ)

A new clustering method and its application in social networks (ZZ)

Spanning trees and dense subgraphs (ZO)

A new multimembership clustering method (OZ)


Spanning trees and dense subgraphs (ZO)

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