Casian Pantea

Department of Mathematics


Upcoming events

Joint Mathematical Meetings, Baltimore, January 2019.

AIM SQuaREs workshop, San Jose, March 2019.

SIAM Conference on Applied Algebraic Geometry, Bern, Switzerland, July 2019.

Some old stuff

BioNetX is a Matlab code testing the capacity for multistability of a biochemical system. It is superseded by CoNtRol.

The Network Reader reads mass-action reactions and rate constants from a friendly formatted text file, then outputs and plots the concentrations of the chemical species as functions of time. BioNetID infers reaction networks from experimental concentration data.

A poster on identifiability of reaction networks; another poster on persistence and permanence.


My adviser Gheorghe Craciun.

My postdoc mentors Murad Banaji and David Angeli.

Martin Feinberg.


My sister Ani is a brilliant web designer.