3.3-Ph.D. Advisory Committee and Ph.D. Dissertation Committee

(3.3) Ph.D. Advisory Committee and Ph.D. Dissertation Committee

These two committees will be called advisory committee and Ph.D. committee, respectively, in the rest of this document, when no confusion arises. The duty of the advisory committee is to advise students in work prior to the start of a dissertation. The duty of the Ph.D. committee is to oversee and direct work of a dissertation. See the Advising Guidelines in Attachment 1.

An advisory committee will be assigned to each Ph.D. student within the first year in the program. The formation of a Ph.D. advisory committee will be identical with that of an M.S. advisory committee. (See Section (2.5.2).) The advisory committee will be dissolved upon the formation of the Ph.D. committee for the student.

The Ph.D. committee will be appointed by the Graduate Programs Committee with consultation of the applicant and the applicant's advisory committee within one year after the applicant has successfully passed the Ph.D. entrance exams.

Members of a Ph.D. committee should be chosen so as to be in research areas closely related to the dissertation. The committee will serve not only to judge the final dissertation, but also as a research and advisory resource to the student and dissertation advisor.

Once the Ph.D. committee for a student is formed, the chairperson of this committee should submit an annual progress report for the Ph.D. candidate to other members of the committee and to the graduate director. The information on the report will be useful for decisions about further financial support for the candidate and for identifying students who may need additional help from their committee members.

The Ph.D. committee of a Ph.D. candidate consists of 4 regular graduate faculty members in the Department of Mathematics, including the chairperson of the committee, who is also the dissertation advisor, plus another faculty member who is a regular member of the WVU graduate faculty outside the Department of Mathematics, or a faculty member outside WVU who would otherwise qualify for regular member status.