2.3-Option C (Applied Mathematics)

(2.3) Option C (Applied Mathematics)

(2.3.1) Introduction

Option C provides additional flexibility for those students who wish to specialize in applied analysis/differential equations or in discrete mathematics.

(2.3.2) Core Curriculum

An M.S. student selecting Option C must complete at least 3 courses from Math 541, Math 543, Math 551, and Math 581 with a grade B or better, and must take at least one additional math course either from the differential equation and analysis group (Math 564, Math 551 (if not taken) and Math 555); or from the algebra, discrete math and number theory group (Math 571, Math 573, Math 545, Math 677, Math 578, Math 541 (if not taken) and Math 543 (if not taken)).

(2.3.3) Examinations

The Basic Exam in Advanced Calculus and Linear Algebra is given as a placement exam at the beginning of graduate study.
Students in Option C must pass the Advanced Exam, as described in Attachment 2, by the end of the second year of their study. The Advanced Exam also serves as the Ph.D. entrance examination. See Attachment 2.

(2.3.4) Other Requirements

The plan of study must include a minimum of eighteen (18) hours of graduate course work within the Department of Mathematics. A student can complete the degree requirement in one of the following options:

A. Complete twenty-seven credits in course work plus a thesis representing three credits of Math 697 Research.
B. Complete thirty credits in course work.