3.7-Qualifying Exam Guidelines

(3.7) Qualifying Exam Guidelines

A Ph.D. student is expected to pass the qualifying exam(s) within three (3) years after the first enrolling in the Ph.D. program. Any delay requires prior approval of the Graduate Programs Committee. The student passes the qualifying examination provided that four members of the Ph.D. committee vote that the student has passed. Voting is by secret ballot. The Qualifying Examination is not passed until all parts have been successfully completed. In the event of an unsatisfactory performance, the committee as a whole will decide on the time and content of an appropriate reexamination. After a second unsatisfactory performance, the student's doctoral program will be terminated, subject to appeal to the department Graduate Programs Committee. An informal hearing on the issues will be called; attendees are the members in the Graduate Programs Committee and the dissertation committee. The graduate director presides over the hearing. More details on Qualifying Exam procedures can be found in Attachment 3.