2-The Master's Program

The Master's Program

There are four options available:

  1. Option A (Pure Mathematics)
  2. Option B (Interdisciplinary Mathematics)
  3. Option C (Applied Mathematics)
  4. Mathematics for Secondary Educators

(2.0) Common Requirements

(2.0.1) Admission Requirement

For regular admission, a baccalaureate degree in mathematics or its equivalent is required, including an introductory course in real analysis. Students who have deficiencies in their background may be granted provisional admission to the M.S. program. Deficiencies must be completed within the first year.

(2.0.2) The Basic Exam

The Basic Exam in Advanced Calculus and Linear Algebra is given as a placement exam at the beginning of graduate study for M.S. students, as part of the Real Analysis and Linear Algebra Requirement (see section (2.0.3)). Further information on the contents of the Basic Exam can be found in Attachment 2.

(2.0.3) Real Analysis and Linear Algebra Requirement

The Department requires that all M.S. students demonstrate knowledge of introductory real analysis and linear algebra. In this regard, first-year M.S. students will be required to take Math 543 and receive at least a B, unless this requirement is waived in writing as a result of performance on the Basic Exam (administered on entering the graduate program). Knowledge of real analysis must be demonstrated by receiving at least a B in Math 551, or by taking both Math 451 and Math 452 with a minimum B average. Entering graduate students will be placed into Math 451 unless they show on the Basic Exam that they have sufficient background to take Math 551.

(2.0.4) Grade Point Average

To be awarded the M.S. degree, students must have a GPA of at least 3.0 in course work presented for the degree, and separately have a GPA of at least 3.0 in mathematics course work presented for the degree. A grade requirement of “B or better” applies to certain courses; students may repeat a course in which the requirement is not met, and the higher grade will be used in determining departmental eligibility for graduation. University GPA requirements, which typically apply to all courses taken, must also be met.

(2.0.5) Graduate Seminar

Each M.S. student must satisfactorily complete the one credit hour “Professional Tools Seminar”, offered in the spring under Math 694.