Mushtaq Abd Al-Rahem

Solution of The Inverse Problem of Fractal Images Using Optimization Method

Abstract: Associated with Mandelbrot’s fractal geometry the method of Iterated Function System (IFS) is an important technique for generating, classification, and communication of fractal patterns. Such systems were originally studied by Hutchinson and popularized by Barnsley in 1982. In this presentation, a review of the literature and clarifying the most important notions and theorems of this subject, which clear up the way of applying the IFS on complete metric space whose elements are compact sets. Moreover, discuss a formulate and solve the inverse problem of the fractal set using a new approach in optimization theory. This can be made by finding and generating parameters of a set of affine maps, contractive mapping; which is iterated function system (IFS); that repeatedly iterative numerically by using the random iteration algorithm. Those structures have important useful applications in the modeling of natural phenomena in computer graphics.

Date: 5/3/2017
Time: 2:30PM-3:30PM
Place: 313 Armstrong Hall

All are welcome.