Alum Update!

Calistus Ngonghala, a 2011 Ph.D. graduate from the Department of Mathematics, will be a featured presenter for one in a series of webinars on mathematical frontiers sponsored by the National Academies of Science/Engineering/Medicine.

He will be speaking on mathematical approaches to biology, particularly ecology and infectious disease.

Further information is available at

After receiving his Ph.D. in May 2011, Dr. Ngonghala served in postdoctoral positions at the National Institute for Mathematical and Biological Synthesis,
and at the Harvard Medical School, following which he obtained his current position as Assistant Professor of Mathematical Biology in the Mathematics Department at the University of Florida.
Dr. Ngonghala was a student of Mary Ann Clarke of the Mathematics Department and Kenneth Showalter of the Chemistry Department, who were his co-advisors.

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Anaam Bidhan Ph.D Defense

Stationary Automata

Date: 11/28/2018
Time: 4:00PM-5:30PM
Place: 315 Armstrong Hall

Everyone is invited.

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Yuqi Xu M.S. Project

Mathematical Model of Traffic Flow

Date: 11/28/2018
Time: 4:30PM-6:00PM
Place: 309 Armstrong Hall

Abstract: Traffic flow models have a great impact in transportation infrastructure. The main goal is to ultimately obtain more information on achieving alleviation of congestion, flow maximization, elimination of accidents and minimization of exhaust pollution. In this project, we study the basic theory of hyperbolic conservation laws and explore various existing traffic flow models from the literature.

Mr. Xu's project is supervised by Charis Tsikkou.

Everyone is invited.

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Hussin AlBahboh Ph.D Qualifying Exam

Hussin AlBahboh Qualifying Exam

Date: 11/15/2018
Time: 3:45PM-5:00PM
Place: 315 Armstrong Hall

Abstract: Various theorems in Hilbert Spaces bear a resemblance to theorems of Plane Euclidean Geometry. However, the majority of axioms in a Hilbert space seem different than the axioms of plane Euclidean geometry.
We propose a reconciliation between these two sets of axioms via certain constructions that will hopefully benefit both disciplines.

***The first part of the qualifying exam will be
a presentation on their dissertation prospectus, which is open
to the public, and all are welcome.

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Salah Hamad Ph.D Defense

Boundization, Closure and Convergence of Complex Banach and Hilbert spaces and Applications

Date: 11/13/2018
Time: 4:30PM-6:30PM
Place: 315 Armstrong Hall

Abstract: We study Boundization, Closure and Convergence of Complex Banach and Hilbert spaces. We augment a Banach space with elements “infinity” and turn the augmented set into a metric space by appropriate distance functions. This new metric space is called the Ultra Extended Banach Space. A new family of bijections, motivated by nonlinear projections, take an Ultra Extended Banach Space into bounded subsets of a “larger” Banach space. We compare the family of new metrics induced and show which ones are equivalent and which ones are unexpectedly not equivalent. Some applications are provided.

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Actuarial Club, First Meeting

Actuarial science is a rising field in the world of mathematics and here at WVU.
You can now have Actuarial Science as an Area of Emphasis through the Mathematics program.
If you’re interested in the industry of insurance and risk management and putting your Math talents to good use, check out the Actuarial Club.

Fall 2018 kickoff meeting will be next Friday, Aug. 24, from 3:30 – 4:30 pm in room 313 of Armstrong Hall. There will be free pizza!
There will be a lot of great information, including Excel function and VBA workshops. We will discuss actuarial exams, what it’s like to be an actuary and upcoming events.

You will meet fellow members of the Club who passed one or two actuarial exams, and hear their exam preparation tips.
You will also meet our new officers of the Club.

For more information on the Actuarial Club

You can request to join the e-mail list of the Actuarial Club, by sending an e-mail to

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Ouri Maler Masters Defense

Brownian Motion in Cellular Membrane Receptors

Date: 7/19/2018
Time: 11:00AM-12:30AM
Place: 313 Armstrong Hall


Mr. Maler is a student of Adam Halasz.
Everyone is welcome to attend.

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New Student Orientation (NSO)

Throughout the month of June, NSO will help you prepare for your first semester. You’ll learn about campus, explore your academic program and work with an academic adviser to create your class schedule.

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Xiangming Wu Ph.D Defense

Persistence and Characteristics of Calculus Students in STEM Disciplines

Date: 5/29/2018
Time: 10:00AM-11:30AM
Place: 313 Armstrong Hall

Mr. Wu will present his dissertation in the first part; this public presentation is open to everybody.

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Anaam Bidhan Prospectus

Infinite Automata on Transfinite Sequences and Their Relations With Infinite Bipartite Graphs.

Date: 5/17/2018
Time: 3:00PM-4:00PM
Place: 315 Armstrong Hall

All are welcome to her presentation and a question/answer period.
Following the presentation, there will be an oral examination open only
to the candidate and the PhD committee of the candidate.

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