Janet Anderson Defense

A Study of arc strong connectivity of digraphs

Abstract: This dissertation studies the extremal, structural and minimax properties related to digraph arc strong connectivity. Motivated by the former researches by Mader and Matula, we defined the digraph arc strength of a digraph $D$ to be the maximum arc strong connectivity of subdigraphs of $D$, and investigate extremal conditions for a strict digraph that is saturated with respect to the condition that it digraph arc strength is bounded by a positive integer $k$. Extremal size of such digraphs are obtained and structural characterization of the extremal digraphs are also obtained. In addition, a minimax duality theorem to determine the digraph arc strength of a digraph is found. Similar minimax results on related desity functions of digraphs are also obtained. 

Date: 4/7/2017
Time: 3:30PM-5:00PM
Place: 315 Armstrong Hall

All are welcome.

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