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Current Graduates


The Department of Mathematics offers graduate programs leading to the Master of Science (M.S.) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degrees. The master's degree program offers specializations in pure mathematics, applied mathematics, and mathematics for secondary educators. The Ph.D. program provides for a common core of fundamental mathematics followed by specialized studies culminating in an original research dissertation directed by a faculty advisor. Depending on the student's program and interests, there are diverse career opportunities available in education, government, and industry.

Financial Support

Most graduate students receive financial support in the form of a graduate teaching assistantship, which provides a stipend and a full waiver of University tuition. These are awarded taking into account primarily the student's academic record, along with letters of recommendation. In some cases, teaching experience and/or the potential for outstanding teaching, can be a consideration. Teaching assistants have the opportunity to work with the mathematics education faculty of the Department’s Institute for Mathematics Learning (IML). A small number of research assistantships are also available. Applications from students requesting financial aid should be received no later than February 15 to ensure full consideration for the subsequent fall semester. Late applications are accepted, but students are advised to check with the graduate director as to the availability of assistantships. Applications for admission (alone) can be considered at any time, subject to University processing deadlines. Other financial aid includes partial tuition waivers and part-time positions assisting in the instructional computer labs. TOEFL scores are required for international students whose native language is not English, with a University requirement of a 550 minimum score for admission.

TOEFL online tutorials & practice tests can be found here.

For students who are not graduate assistants, the Department does have a limited number of part-time positions in a number of capacities, including assisting students at the Institute for Mathematics Learning Computer Laboratory. The number, and nature, of such positions depends on needs, scheduling, and available funding, and is generally not determined until near the beginning of the semester. However, if you are interested in being considered for such positions as may arise, send an email with your course schedule to Betsy Kuhn, the Lab Manager, at . Identify yourself as a Mathematics graduate student.

Math Accounts

All graduate students should apply for a computer account on the mathematics department server. Applications will be distributed at our new student orientation and can also be downloaded below. It is important to obtain such an account as soon as possible and to check your email frequently, as most communications are done via email. The Department's computer administrator is Rick Holsberry. He can assist you with problems involving your computer account, email, and your office computer.

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