Attachment 5

Attachment 5: Special Admission to the Ph.D. Program

There are three routes of entry into the Ph.D. program.

Students who have already obtained a Masters degree in mathematics or its equivalent will normally be admitted as regular Ph.D. students and will need to meet the Ph.D. basic coursework requirements described in Section 3.5 of the Handbook. Students with deficiencies in their background can be admitted provisionally, with deficiencies made up in the first year of study.

Students applying to the graduate program with only a Bachelor’s degree will normally be placed in the M.S. program. However, some students have an unusually strong undergraduate background that includes many of the traditional first-year graduate courses in mathematics. Typically, but not exclusively, these are students from international degree programs in mathematics in which major area course work is much more extensive than U.S. programs. Such students can be admitted provisionally into the Ph.D. program, with the provision that they pass the Basic Exam and their program of study include 12-18 credit hours of approved coursework, at the M.S. level or above, beyond the basic Ph.D. coursework requirements of Section 3.5.

Finally, there is a special provision whereby well-prepared students enrolled into the M.S. program can, with the permission of the Graduate Programs Committee, transfer into the Ph.D. program after their first year of study. Such students must pass the Ph.D. entrance exam and complete 18 hours of regular M.S. coursework during their first year of study. The GPC will consider the student’s background and performance in deciding whether to grant permission to transfer to the Ph.D. program. After this transfer, the student will be admitted as a Provisional Ph.D. student, with any additional program requirements determined by the GPC. Students potentially interested in this provision should ideally consult with their advisor or the Graduate Director prior to their initial enrollment.