Ariel Sitler Masters Project

Abstract: Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are a valuable tool for image acquisition in the field of 3D mapping. UAVs are a low-cost alternative to manned aerial vehicles, and can be affixed with digital cameras capable of collecting high quality images of structures and terrain for the creation of 3D models. This research is an extension of previous work which used a genetic algorithm and space partitioning to optimize UAV flight paths over areas with structures. Here, the focus is on optimizing the structure mapping portion of the flight plan by imposing the grid technology used for the area portion in the previous work to a building face, then using the grid size, camera specifications, and desired resolution to determine the optimal offset distance from the building.

Date: 5/3/2017
Time: 1:00PM-2:00PM
Place: 313 Armstrong Hall

All are welcome.

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