Applied Analysis Seminar

Introduction to Celestial Mechanics - talk #2

Date: 11/9/2017
Time: 4:00PM-5:00PM
Place: 315 Armstrong Hall

Ali Abdulhussein

Abstract: During the first talk I will go over the very beginnings of the theory of celestial
mechanics, which is the central force problem where a single force F acts on a
body along a line and drives the body either toward the fixed center or away
from it.

The central force problem is considered as a key to the other problems,
since knowing the solution of the central force problem gives us the solutions for
the other models. Later, I will present the details of the 2-body problem,
where there are only two particles attracting each other.
Moreover, I will define the most important concepts: for example,
angular momentum, conservation of energy, and kinetic and potential energy.

Finally, if time allows, I will try to go over the details of the most
interesting case, which is the 3-body problem where the particles are either
collinear or not. Of course, the amazing Lagrange and Euler solutions
are considered the most characteristic solutions for the three body problem.

All are welcome.