Actuarial Club, First Meeting

Actuarial science is a rising field in the world of mathematics and here at WVU.
You can now have Actuarial Science as an Area of Emphasis through the Mathematics program.
If you’re interested in the industry of insurance and risk management and putting your Math talents to good use, check out the Actuarial Club.

Fall 2018 kickoff meeting will be next Friday, Aug. 24, from 3:30 – 4:30 pm in room 313 of Armstrong Hall. There will be free pizza!
There will be a lot of great information, including Excel function and VBA workshops. We will discuss actuarial exams, what it’s like to be an actuary and upcoming events.

You will meet fellow members of the Club who passed one or two actuarial exams, and hear their exam preparation tips.
You will also meet our new officers of the Club.

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