Math 112/122 (Formally MATH WORKSHOP)

You will register for this class in MIX.
The ISBN for the Math 112/122 e-text and online system MyMathLab is 9781269198394.

What is Math 112/122 (Formally MATH WORKSHOP)?

Math 112/122 (Math Workshop) is intended for students who have successfully completed High School Algebra II, but did not meet the requirements (QRA part 1 > 10) for College Algebra. The workshop meets four hours each week during the Fall and Spring semesters and 10 hours per week during Summer Semesters.. All sections meet Monday through Thursday in the Fall and Spring semesters and Monday through Friday in the Summer semesters. Attendance is mandatory. There will also be several hours of work to be completed outside of class each week. Exams for Summer and Fall 2015 will be listed on the syllabus. Students may test on any of these days at their convenience.

The course is based on mastery. You must demonstrate that you have mastered the material by completing the course with an 80% or higher on all assignments and chapter exams and a score of 70% or higher on the comprehensive final.